Retreat and Surrender

An unwilling soldier in the middle of a fight
Gun powder sprayed from either side.
Those with the most dead, had won
They offered me a spear, a woman to call my own.
The rebels stood lifeless: their free spirits tried to run
Moved to new shelters, to keep their songs alive.

A heavy voice spoke right in to my mind.
“Someone console my wife;
Tell her, this is not the time,
To break down and cry, turn a blind eye!
Keep her pride, cast fear aside
promise me this, before I die.”

Begged the wounded commander
As he slumped to my side
Crystal eyed, he gazed at the fire
Blood dripped from his crooked smile
The defeated soul asked me, why?
Why, I wouldn’t end his life

He had killed others, he deserved to die
To have his body in the sacrifice pile
I cupped my hands, keeping the match alive
And watched his smoke rings rush to the sky
He told me, he could hear her laughter
See her dressed in white

His love would force her to survive
Make her stronger, give her life
And then maybe just once in a while
She could look up and give him a smile.

Ajay Tawde.

© Copyright 2010 streetajay (UN: ajaytawde at Writing.Com).

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2 responses

  1. Vijay Patil

    Wow great..could picture everything right before my eyes

    January 5, 2011 at 2:37 pm

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