And a deafening roar…

Helium nucleus mountain rings, fingers severed cuting diamond things
A bomb maker head held proud, smiles as he sees a crowd.

An attention seeking time traveler, rejects his powers as paranoia
A jilted lover joins the fray, signs notes, gives her life away.

A teenage actor, welcomes pain. Cracks a joke, makes them smile again.
Once lovers, now astray. Living life looking the other way.

The happy couple, secretly cry, the unborn flower bids goodbye.
A dejected child, burdened with sorrow, dreams to become a preacher tomorrow.

Once the thinker, now a nark, stabs someone in the dark.
Nurturing farmer, investing tears, picking a gun, sharing his fears.

Moustache man drinking away, too dazed to remember his birthday.
Playing her role, a dutiful wife, stops singing and lives her life.

A withered soul, breathes his last, stealing memories, fallacies of a past.
A weary writer, his path descending, uses a rhyme, to force a happy ending.


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