And a deafening roar…

Helium nucleus mountain rings, fingers severed cuting diamond things
A bomb maker head held proud, smiles as he sees a crowd.

An attention seeking time traveler, rejects his powers as paranoia
A jilted lover joins the fray, signs notes, gives her life away.

A teenage actor, welcomes pain. Cracks a joke, makes them smile again.
Once lovers, now astray. Living life looking the other way.


With a slight tinge of red.

And yet she rises from within the pyre

Sacred yet joyous, an enigma meant for me,

A curious aura, calms & settles all storms.


Retreat and Surrender

An unwilling soldier in the middle of a fight
Gun powder sprayed from either side.
Those with the most dead, had won
They offered me a spear, a woman to call my own.
The rebels stood lifeless: their free spirits tried to run
Moved to new shelters, to keep their songs alive.

A heavy voice spoke right in to my mind.
“Someone console my wife;
Tell her, this is not the time,
To break down and cry, turn a blind eye!
Keep her pride, cast fear aside
promise me this, before I die.”


State of panic


Here’s why.

Those short bursts of laughter
That uneven walk you try and hide
The way you tremble on a dark night
Cause when you speak to me, time is right.

Those songs you play, only a few thousand times,


After eons of foggy days, restless nights
The mirror broke at the end of their fight.
He walked over the pieces, stained the floor
When all scars healed, added a few more.
Went outside, the blood washed away by the rain

Your planet or mine.

Your planet or mine
Your hair sways with the wind,
to gently cover your face.
As you step down from the Spaceship,
the headlights blind my eyes.
May be its just your aura, shining too brightly.
Every billboard spells out your name, (more…)