Here’s why.

Those short bursts of laughter
That uneven walk you try and hide
The way you tremble on a dark night
Cause when you speak to me, time is right.

Those songs you play, only a few thousand times,
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After eons of foggy days, restless nights
The mirror broke at the end of their fight.
He walked over the pieces, stained the floor
When all scars healed, added a few more.
Went outside, the blood washed away by the rain
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Your planet or mine.

Your planet or mine
Your hair sways with the wind,
to gently cover your face.
As you step down from the Spaceship,
the headlights blind my eyes.
May be its just your aura, shining too brightly.
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How is it that you’re so young and still want to live life?
You have breaths in abundance.
Aren’t you afraid of the world, so cruel?
Well I am.
So I hope that you wont mind when I try and kill you later.
But before that let me tell you everything about life.
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